Goulet goodies


My recent order from the Goulet Pen Company arrived a few days ago, and it’s not unlike waking up on Christmas morning and finding a stocking full of goodies.

The contents:

  • Midori Traveler’s Notebook Star Edition
  • Assortment of Midori Star Edition extras: charm, two rolls of washi/masking tape (large and small), sticker set, brass clips, and notebook refill
  • A bottle of Diamine ink in Marine
  • Goulet Pen Cleaning Set, including Goulet Pen Flush, ink syringes (2), and bulb syringe
  • Ink Sample Vial Holder and a monthly membership to Ink Drop (samples every month!)

This great collection was painstakingly wrapped and packaged by Goulet’s incredible staff (specifically, Randall).  Everything was wrapped individually in a blue cling-wrap, and then again collectively in cling-wrap and a few layers of bubble-wrap.  Nothing leaking, bent, broken or damaged … for which I am most grateful.  I am sure it is tricky business packaging fragile and liquid items, and they do an incredible job – in addition to providing a great assortment of all things pen- and paper-related.

I look forward to putting all of these items to good use in the coming days …  Meanwhile, a tip of the hat to the great folks at Goulet.