I am still catching up with a few posts I had wanted to create, but didn’t make time for.  So going back to New Years Eve (yikes!) … some photos and a few pages from my sketchbooks.

To ring in the New Year, we decided to head to the mountains and spend a few days in a quiet cottage – with family, a warm fire in the hearth, and a little hiking.  Rather opposite of typical New Years festivities, with no ball drop and no glamorous champagne parties.  We didn’t even have television to speak of – just an old set with VCR and a few ancient videos.  With no internet connection or cellphone reception on the secluded grounds around the mountain cottage there was no email, no texts nor anything else – which turned out to be completely perfect.  We hiked, we played board games, we enjoyed wine and tea and coffee by the fire.  We gathered in the kitchen to cook  together.  We laughed and enjoyed each others’ company without unwanted interruption, which is exactly how it should be.  And so began 2014.





The quiet days also gave me time to work a little in my Moleskine watercolor sketchbook, both in the cottage and while on my “nature” walks.  We had some lovely hiking on the Appalachian Trail, with clear skies, frost on the mountain tops – but the temps were quite cold with very gusty wind, so I didn’t do any mountain-top sketching.



my thank-you in the cottage guestbook


"nature walk" page - unfinished

I tend to be rather funny with my sketchbooks and journals … I concurrently keep a variety of types for a variety of projects (more to come about this).  As much as I have tried to condense things to one book for everything, it never works for me.  So for light travel, I love Moleskine watercolor journals and a small kit of pen and a few watercolors.

Back at home, I’ve been trying to expand my artistic horizons – trying out some new materials, working out of new sketchbooks/art journals, and even taking part in several online art classes.  It’s been challenging for me, but in a wonderful way. More to come…

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  1. Love your sketchbooks too! I agree with Jackie the last drawing inspires such joy in me. Really beautiful. 🙂

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