What is this blog about, and who’s behind it?

I’m not sure I have a good answer to either of these questions.

I had kept a bicycle-centric blog for over 5 years, and reached that point where I needed to take a break, step back, and stop with the blogging.  The break has been a good one, allowing me to re-focus, explore new territory, and re-evaluate the personal price (and pay-back) of blogging.

During my hiatus, I took time to explore the blogs of others – on a wide range of subject matter.  I found reviews and photos very helpful when debating a new purchase or planning travel, I clipped recipes into my Evernote library, I picked up a few new knitting techniques and bought more than a few books – all thanks to information gleaned from numerous creative bloggers.  It was good to have the leisure to be “on the other” side of blogging – as the reader rather than the creator.

Eventually, maybe even a bit reluctantly, it made me consider jumping back in – with the hope that maybe I could, likewise, provide some helpful information or inspiration on some level.

With this realization and my subsequent decision to start fresh with Accidental Pen (which truly has been an accident), I needed to move forward with a few personal caveats….

  • I want Accidental Pen to be a little more free-form and less subject-specific – from content to presentation.  A bit of a free-for-all, I guess, created from the many things that make up my life, including but not limited to bicycles, photography, pen and paper, books, food, and travel.  If you are looking for a subject- or topic-specific blog, this will likely not be it.
  • I am a private person; my significant and meaningful relationships are with real people rather than cyber identities.  And and while I like to share insights and information with others who may find random bits and pieces useful, I am not interested in the social side of the digital world.  I don’t do Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest or any of myriad of social media and networking.  Call me an anti-social b*tch.   Forgive me if I don’t respond to comments or discussions.  If I can answer a specific question, or provide specific information about something I will try to – but otherwise, excuse the rather one-sidedness of things.
  • My personal goal for this blog is to have a platform to create and record, and through this, to inform or inspire.  Ultimately, though, traffic and numbers don’t don’t interest me.  Read or don’t read.  I’m not interested in sponsors and link love, etc.

If you’ve managed to read this far, thank you.  I hope you understand a little bit about where I am coming from.  I hope you are able to find something on these pages that may be helpful for you, pleasing to the eye, or simply interesting.  Thanks for visiting.


3 thoughts on “About

  1. I totally get where you come from. But if I may, I hope at least you go thru the comments that people write to you about your thoughts. Facebook, Twitter is a different thing. But this, I think is a different platform. I understand your point about not caring if anyone reads it or not, but if someone is reading it and sharing their thoughts with you, don’t you think it means something to them? Appreciating the response, someones effort to stop by n spend some time with your thoughts , i think would be more connecting if the conversation is both sided. If you did not care, you wouldn’t Share your thoughts , right?..
    you are great at what you do.. it’s just my opinion, you can opt to trash it my friend. 🙂
    just give it a thought 🙂

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